The bulk carrier that rammed the North Breakwater remains anchored off the coast of Quequén

09 diciembre 2022

The shipowner must submit a repair plan. Meanwhile, the Naval Prefecture continues the evaluations.

The ship, almost 230 meters long, continues in the outer anchorage of Quequén.


    With its load balanced and in a stable position, the ship that eleven days ago rammed the North Breakwater of Puerto Quequén, while carrying out exit maneuvers, is anchored some 5 kilometers from the Argentine coast.

    Now the shipping company must present a repair plan for the "Tai Knighthood", which suffered damage to part of its hull.

    From the Naval Prefecture it was reported that the conditions are also being evaluated to determine if the ship, which carries the Liberian flag, can re-enter the Quequén port and if the necessary safety margins under keel are met.

The ship remains anchored three miles offshore from Puerto Quequén.

The ship remains anchored three miles offshore from Puerto Quequén.

    In any case, transferring the freighter to Montevideo or Brazil for its unloading and subsequent repair of the hole that occurred on the side of the bow, when it hit the breakwater, is also being evaluated.

    Meanwhile, from that security force the investigation continues to determine what were the causes that caused the impact.

    After two days of loading in turn 3, the ship finished loading operations at 7:15 p.m. on Monday, November 28, and began unmooring at 10:20 p.m. bound for China.

    With the 47,500 tons upon arrival of the ship, plus the 25,100 tons of soybeans shipped in Puerto Quequén, the bulk carrier set sail with a total load of 72,600 tons.

    As reported by the Port Management Consortium, after the accident it was possible to close the cellar gates to prevent water leaks.